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Simplified Institutional Grade Tools

Lightning-Fast Updates

BlockBeat crawls the web and aggregates every data point possible with intelligent filtering. It’s like having a team of researchers, analysts and developers all working together at your fingertips.

  • Access News from Over 1000+ Major Publications
  • Stay Ahead with Every Crypto Press Release for Market Insights
  • Keep Informed with SEC Regulatory Rulings, News Alerts & Economic Data Releases
  • Explore Blogs from Hundreds of Project Directly in the Feed
  • Design Personalized Filtered Feeds & Effortlessly Switch Between Them

A.I. Enriched Insights

Leverage our advanced tools to analyze crypto assets and market trends, empowering you to make smarter trading decisions.

  • Intelligent NER Models for Precise Article Classification
  • A.I. Enriched Data & Summaries for Easy Analysis
  • Monitor Sentiment and Market Emotion via Machine Learning
  • Enhance Content Curation Through in-Platform Voting

A Speed-Focused User Experience

Say goodbye to lag and clutter. Our proprietary tools let you tailor your experience, so you receive the precise data you need, exactly when you need it.

  • Instantly Find What You Need with Advanced Search Capabilities
  • Effortlessly Share Pre-Formatted Content Across Social Platforms
  • Customize Your Profile, Earn Rewards and Track Your Stats
  • Receive Personalized Alerts Exactly When You Need Them

Take your crypto trading strategy to the next level.

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